Peter Vlahov

Two amazing years have passed for Peter and InSound Promotions & Demo Recordings proved that they know what they are doing in discovery of talent in people, teach and promote young artists. Demo Recordings is already famous with their quality progressive sound made in Bulgaria, and together with InSound they are presenting the Deep & Dark Techno - Peter Vlahov.

Peter has learned International Economy Relations, but he was not able to run away from his passion - music, which was dictated by the fact most of his family are or were musicians. In the years, Peter listened to all kind of electronic music since begging of the RAVE and Techno revolution in Bulgaria. A proven Fan and Lover of Techno sound, he discovers the DJ profession on more mature age , which allows him to understand the importance and seriousness of the music education in InSound and on the stage. The fact that he combines this seriousness and the passion of a kid, also all his love for Techno music, is the main reason for his success up to the moment.

Since he made his debut on “THE DJ Booth” only two years ago, Peter travelled a long path behind the decks and now he is performing together with many famous Bulgarian and Foreign DJs. Two years later, after many stage performances and efforts from InSound Production, Peter Vlahov gained lots of the experience on the Bulgarian stage, and is even more passionate for “OUR music”.

In love with the After-parties, since the beginning, Peter proved that his experience like FAN allows him the ability to feel and move the crowd all over night, telling them a magical techno story every time.

Peter Vlahov

The melodic Dark Techno, which Peter plays, has the specific sound of InSound Artist Family, but with proper dose of vocal compositions, or with a few words - Music that you can dance for whole night in the Club without watching the clock, or play In your Car with the button REPEAT switched to ON.

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