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Momchil Dobrev, also known as Momo Dobrev was born in the 90's in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He started his career as a producer in 2009 and a few months later he started working as a DJ in local bars and clubs. During the next year he became the proud owner of the label Phraser Records, using which he started producing music of young and talented DJs/producers. Nowadays Momo is one of the more successful DJs in Bulgaria, with numerous popular parties. Some of his best are with Dj Chus, Tom Craft, Dj Tarkan, D-Nox, Luca Ricci, Luigi Rocca, Stiv Hey, Citizen Kain, V-Sag, Oscar De Rivera, Audiofly, Fergie and among others. In 2013 Momo Dobrev became a resident DJ of club Plazma - one of the most prestigious and longstanding clubs for electronic music in Bulgaria.


Momo Dobrev is definitely one of the interesting figures on the electronic music scene. The energy that flows from his tracks has given him not only the reputation of a good professional and producer, but also the love of fans and the support from many djs and producers worldwide. Varying from rhythmical tech house to mind blowing techno, combining in an interesting and obsessive way percussions and live sounds, Momo's tracks are easy to recognize and always pleasant to hear. Always trying to improve himself and always looking straight ahead, the owner of the label Phraser Records can assure that he has some really nice stuff to offer. URL: Momo Dobrev/MomoDobrev Facebook fan page: Beatport: Soundcloud: Soundcloud Phraser Records: Phraser Records:

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