Escadia started his musical experience by taking piano lessons at the age of 6. He started going to school a year later and stopped with the lessons, but kept practicing on his own. He became very interested in club music and culture few years after, especially in the then mainstreams, such as Techno, Trance and Drum&Bass. He decided to stud y DJ-ing in 2000, and one year later he began working as a DJ in various music clubs. A couple of years later, Escadia began gathering experience with digital mixingand mastering. He tooka course in mastering study at the VOXX studio and then made his first releases. The first single of Escadia was released by Global Underground in the winter of 2007. It was soon followed by several other singles with the not so popular labels. Escadia continues to release his music in different styles like progressive House, minimal and Techno - House.

ESCADIA DJ: Escadia begins to play professionally from mid 2002. Two years before that, he play a various styles of music , practice a lot and stud ying the DJ’in to perfection. Many mainstream genres have changed , from Disco / French Vocal House, to deep and jazzy grooves , Tribal House, Electro , Progressive, Minimal-Techno , Tech House and many other. Escadia always kept his DJ set in mainstream wave , but never play boring and stuck to one genres only.

ESCADIA RADIO SHOWS: A couple of radio shows were issued back in 2009 to 2010 and 2011 to 2012 the name of the radio shows were: "Lounge Vibes" & "Melodism" respectively. "Lounge Vibes" was oriented in more easy listening and melodic, "Melodism" was focused on mainstream and more commercial style like progressive/electro dance/big room. They was broadcast at the online radio Pure.Fm which is very popular in North & South America. Both shows are now canceled with no future plans for restoration.

ESCADIA MUSIC : Very first music release is issued at September 2007 under different name “DJ Costass”, contains two track ‘Sylvia’ & ‘Right and Wrong’. Little bit later same year, he issued his first official release under the name ESCADIA , for the major label Global Underground, followed by few other releases . Some of the first releases (“Dreamland” , “Early In The Morning” , “Travel Over The Stars” and “By My Way” ) are deep melodic and very emotional tracks with a little touch of trance music, but highly oriented into the mainstream sound and musical feel. Like in his DJ set, also his music is very variable, beginning with melodic dream progressive house, evolving to uplifting and dancefloor frendly progressive house (example “Mouse Steps”, “Walking On Jupiter” , “Deflection of Mind”and “Paper Clips”).


In past two year 2011 & 2012 Escadia change direction in his own sound style. His music is more mainstream genre like electro/progressive and even dubstep. Escadia never want to categorize his music in a strict genre like “Progressive” or“Minimal” or “Techno”. Main concept of his music and feel is always to have something catchy. no matter what, melody, some sound fx or vocal hooks, his tracks is always something to remember.

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