Bulgarian DJ and producer Diass started playing music at the early age of 12. Inspired and trained to become a DJ from his father Teddy Georgo, one of the top 10 Bulgarian DJs with more than 25 years on stage. It was this exposure at a young age, which defined his passion and shaped the music he writes today. Diass is one of the few Bulgarian DJs with music education – he has more than 6 years of studying producing, sound and studio engineering. His industrious work ethic and unique style has also earned him two DJ Championships and the 2012 Best New DJ Award in Bulgaria.

Diass has found his unique sound and interpretation on the electronic music scene. He has spent the past 10 years pushing his sound direct from his studio in Sofia to dancefloors all around the world. Repeatedly proven his skills behind the CDJs in every notable club and warehouse space in Bulgaria and has toured extensively abroad throughout the last year, having gigs in Egypt, Russia, Holland and Macedonia. Diass has already produced three albums - "Party Beach" (2011), "Welcome to Bulgaria" (2013) and "Reset the World" (2015), the last one being released under the world famous 303Lovers imprint. Diass has boasting collaborations with some of the best Bulgarian vocal artists at the moment - Maggie Dzhanavarova, Diva Vocal, Michael Fleming, The New Citizen Kane and has been sharing decks with top artists such as Tom Novy, Peter Brown, Paolo Mojo, Luigi Rocca, David Tort, Niels Van Gogh, Joe T Vannelli, D-formation. His tracks are remixed by Manuel de la Mare, Luigi Rocca, Max Chapman, Simone Vitullo, Kinree, Dakar Carvalho, Silver Ivanov and more. His solo track "The Sub Track" from "Reset the World" album reached 67th place in the top 100 Tech House on Beatport, and Manuel de la Mare & Luigi Rocca remix of it reached the 37th position in the same ranking. Diass represents a wide variation of sounds across the spectrum from Nu Disco / Indie Dance and Deep House to Tech House & Detroit Techno. Artistically innovative and yet easily accessible – Diass` music selection and individual sounding boosts the party fever in your veins... There’s so much passion flowing from his live performance and the groovy rhythms and mind blowing vocals, which Diass is huge fan of, for sure will contribute to remember his party for a long time! His works have been signed to major labels including: 303lovers, Loulou Records, Go Deeva Records, Incorrect Music, Groove On Rec (USA), Hotfingers Recordings, Underground Mjuzieek Digital (Austria), HUSH Records, Smiley Fingers Records, Wharton Records, Dul Records, Hijacked Records, Nuestra Musica and others. Resident DJ at Dance Club Mania - Sunny Beach 2014 Summer Season and leading figure for second year of the biggest street parade in Bulgaria "Street Parade Veliko Tarnovo" with an audience of over 10,000 people. DJ Diass has hit the electronic music world in March 2015 with 'Reset The World', a massive fourteen-track album, guaranteed to turn heads both for the quality of the productions and also for the remarkable effort he has put into completing such a project. With the album Diass wants to express his indirect protest against environmental destruction and all iniquities nowadays. “Music is one of the weapons with which to fight against the bad things that surround us” Diass says. 'Reset the World' is a collection of skills, talents, diverse backgrounds, and unique sounds. The superb blend of both vocal and instrumental tracks displays DJ Diass' ability to manipulate both elements as part of his musical skills repertoire. The Bulgarian talent has truly shown his full range of talents, displaying his period side in 'Reset The World' and 'Prompted' whilst going into a more futuristic and deep realm in 'Lipstick Check'. Moreover, the lighter tones found in 'The Chase' offer a perfect contrast to the darker and harsher elements in 'Sin' and 'Alegoria' respectively. Apart from being able to work with so many different soundscapes, DJ Diass is also able to create different feels and textures, such as the ambient mode induced through 'The Sub Track' and the dreamy element infused within 'Frustration'. You just cannot help but observe the distinct arrangement skills displayed in 'Places Unknown', providing a noteworthy foundation for Viara Atova's vocals to flourish.

Nearly 1000 fans of electronic music attended and danced until the last second on the launch party of the album. The event took place at Yalta Club, Sofia – voted #25 best night club in the world. Beatport: http://dj.beatport.com/djdiass

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